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Owning Smart Gold Today

We create a world where the finest gold bars are made divisible and transferable on the blockchain.

The digital gold standard is here.

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Gold on the Blockchain

Using blockchain technology, we represent physical gold with CRO tokens, where 100 CRO represents 1 gram of gold on Ethereum.

The transparency, security, traceability of the blockchain ensures that CRO tokens can be transacted and transferred with full visibility and auditability. Not only does the immutable ledger heighten security, the smart contract platform eliminates possible human error and risk of fraud that would otherwise be present in the supply chain of gold.

We democratise access to gold.

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Featured In
Forbes Coindesk IBT Tech in Asia



A time-tested safe haven asset, gold will always have universally recognized intrinsic value. Backed by 99.99% gold cast bars from London Bullion Market Association - approved refiners, you can purchase CRO tokens as a hedge against the volatile crypto markets.


CRO tokens can be easily transferred across all our partners, exchanges or platforms on Ethereum. The tokens can also be easily stored in and transferred between Ethereum compatible wallets.


Bitcronus tokenises gold on the Ethereum blockchain with our Proof of Provenance (PoP) protocol, which brings together verification by all third parties that we work with to ensure that the process is secure. CRO tokens are minted only upon the affixation of all signatures by our third party partners. The public blockchain further guarantees that records are unalterable and tamper-proof.


CRO holders will have full visibility over their digital ownership, transaction and inventory records, in an unparalleled fashion offering security that traditional gold trading supply chain does not provide.

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CRO Token


Gold Backed Token

The gold standard for value exchange in the Ethereum ecosystem

Each token represents 1 gram of 99.99% gold from LBMA certified refiners

Gold is stored in The Safehouse vault

Records can be publicly accessed and verified using our Asset Explorer

Zero fractional reserves

Physical redemption can be done in Poland


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Ethereum ERC20

Purchase methods accepted

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • EUR
  • Soft cap


  • Hard cap


  • Cost of 1 CRO:


New Token emissions: unavailable

Bonus system: yes

Presale or Private Sale: yes

Know Your Customer (KYC): yes

Min/Max Personal Cap: 1 gram of gold(or equivalent) / no limit

Whitelist: no

Citizens and residents of the USA, Iran and North Korea
are not allowed to participate.

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